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All breed website design is what we originally became known for. I always strive to design eye catching websites that represent you and your dogs to the best of their ability.  I will make a custom page topper to catch and keep the interest of potential clients, do photo editing and resizing to ensure fast load times, links to pedigrees and helpful resources, offer very fast update times and professional and attractive color schemes to tie it all together into a beautiful package that represents you and your kennel online!  I offer complimentary updates for the first 6 months you have your website running and have affordable rates for after.

I also design logos to ad to existing websites, you may have a site up already but want to enhance your presence on the web a professionally designed page topper/logo allows you to ad something special to set you a part from the others.

Websites start at $500.00        Logo design starts at $135.00

Below are a few completed sites...
Trademark Goldens
I offer both online and print advertisement designs.  Creating designs that convey the message required while keeping the image of YOUR dog front and center.   Beautiful colors and easily read text makes an ad stand out in the right way and be remembered.   I offer color and background edited as part of my design service, ensuring that nothing but your dog is seen!!

Online ads start at $30    Print Ads start at $85/page
Business cards are a great way to get yourself out there in the public eye.  At dog shows or breed events or even the supermarket a handy business card keeps you in touch and mind.  I offer cleanly designed business cards single and double sided with bold attractive colors that stand out wherever they may be.

Business cards are $135
Stud packets...what sets your dog a part from the rest? Allow us to help you show case them to their fullest potential.  From a professional and beautiful cover page to descriptions and copies of clearances we can make is all come together in a concise and easy to read package.  Starting with their history, pedigree and the strengths they offer through to examples of get; we will tie it all into one informative design that you can email or print to give to prospective bitch owners.

Stud Packets are $150
- now you have an organized show history
- a nod to the sire and dam of your boy
-a write up to show case what your boy has to offer potential breeder programs
- a couple pages of noteworthy kids
- contact information
- great for Regional and National Specialties!
and it's in a pdf format and hard copy!